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          Marriott Center


          The project is located in Lot#1 of Heyi Riverside Leisure Area. Marriott Center is 159 meters high, 39-storey building, covering an area of 38700 square meters, total construction area of 87500 square meters. Marriott Ningbo Hotel lobby is located on floor 1-3, Marriott Center Grade A office space is located on floor 4-19; Marriott Hotel is located above 19 floor. Well-known multinational enterprises’ regional headquarters, branch offices and enterprises of finance, international trade or others are welcomed to set up officers.

          Location Advantages of Project:

          Marriott Center is located in Heyi Riverside Leisure Area which is in the core area of Ningbo Sanjiangkou, it can fully rely on a central city location advantages of trade, finance and other service industries.

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